• accredited public procurement consultant
  • full implementation of procurement procedures, mostly environmental (sewage, drinking water, waste, remediation, flood protection) construction projects, energy (solar, biomass, biogas, energy efficiency) projects, infrastructure construction investments (road construction, road and rail bridge construction), high-rise construction
  • provision of legal representation in the preparation and conduct of public procurement procedures, legal advice, document drafting
  • legal management of the projects, the organization of legal administration, the provision of full legal management services, the liaison with contractors
  • in the preparation and implementation of the EU-funded project, the provision of the legal adviser, the provision of legal services related to the project, participation in the Project Management organization as legal adviser throughout the project implementation (as legal expert)
  • providing legal advice and legal representation during the project, in particular the legal interpretation of the Grant Contract; commenting on the contract of the actors; dealing with other legal issues arising during the implementation of the project
  • the establishment of a contractual system for the implementation of the project
  • follow-up of professional contracts, clarification of legal disputes, and legal opinion
  • preparation of construction contract, legal advice on construction contracts, legal advice on FIDIC contracts
  • development of FIDIC contract terms, quality assurance in the development of FIDIC contract terms; preparation of the FIDIC contract(s), participation in the contracting of the FIDIC contract
  • the application of the FIDIC contract system, FIDIC legal advice in the execution of a construction contract(s) based on FIDIC contract terms, follow-up of construction contracts based on FIDIC contractual terms, clarification of legal issues
  • Managing, expertise, solving legal problems of FIDIC-based contract(s) as a lawyer dealing with legal issues
  • Legal activities performed by FIDIC in accordance with the terms and conditions of the EU Fund and under a contract
  • monitoring laws and passing on changes in documentations
  • In the case of dispute settlement or litigation related to the projects, legal representation of the Principal in litigation, out-of-court cases, in other official matters



  • green public procurement
  • building industry
  • environmental Protection
  • Power Engineering
  • transport
  • public sector, public services
  • agriculture
  • property
Areas of expertise:
  • public procurement law
  • construction law
  • environmental law
  • energy legislation
  • investment law
  • company law
  • competition
  • civil rights
  • civil procedural law
Language skills:
  • English
  • German